USB OTG port of IMX6 and WEC7 does not work

I have USB host connector connected to OTG port of Colibri IMX6
With my settings USB works but all services get crazy. If I open command prompt and give command “services list” then all services (eg. TELNET and FTP) are in state “unknown” and they do not work.
If I remove HCD_HSH2 key from my OsDesign.reg file OR change Order attribute to higher e.g 0x30 then USB does not work but all services work.
I am using BSP 1.2b4

Below are my registry settings for USB

; Default configuration loads the OTG driver that then acrivates the host or function drivers when needed
; This can be overridden to force the USB port in host or device-only mode
; Dll" = “fsl_usbotg.dll”
Dll" = “_fsl_usbotg.dll”



;“HighSpeed”=dword:0 ; by default its 1, you can set 0 to force FullSpeed

This was false alarm. The module was broken. I changed to another IMX6 module and it works.