USB OTG Ethernet not working

According to the ReadMe USB OTG should already be working on the Apalis iMX8QM so I tried to set up USB-Ethernet to my Dev-PC (Windows 10) like explained here:

Everything works fine except the last command:

gadget-export g2 /etc/usbg/g2.schema
There I just get
-sh: gadget-export: command not found

And after plugging in the USB cable:

[ 3645.387667] using random self ethernet address
[ 3645.392157] using random host ethernet address
[ 3724.071691] usb1: HOST MAC 0a:f0:ea:28:d5:15
[ 3724.076143] usb1: MAC b2:46:4e:db:4e:51
[ 3762.778193] configfs-gadget gadget: high-speed config #1: c

and on my PC the device shows up with the correct name but only a “CDC ECM” device (also when I use RNDIS) and no driver can be loaded. Also “ifconfig” on the device does not show any additional ethernet interface.

How can I set that up correctly on the iMX8?

While basic USB OTG functionality should work I don’t think such a level of integration has been done as of yet resp. is part of NXP’s i.MX 8 BSP our early access BSP is based on.

As for gadget-export, that one would be part of the libusbgx-examples which you may want to include in your custom built BSP.

Ok, thanks for the info.
Is there any ETA for an updated BSP for the Apalis i.MX8QM, as the current one is already rather old and the Colibri i.MX8 already has a newer version available?

Hi, yeah there is an update planned. Do you have a deadline? Do you need any special feature to work on iMX8QM?

we have no fixed deadline at the moment (the product ist not scheduled for release this year), but we are evaluating the board to be sure it fit’s all our needs, and USB-Ethernet is a required feature to be working. As soon as all features are confirmed to be working with our environment we can start designing the carrier board for our product. The plan for the first layout is Q2/19 so we would like to finish evaluation until then. Aside from USB-Ethernet, optimized power usage would be nice to do our thermal design, but I guess that is the last thing you will do?
Thanks and best regards, Christoph

So do you need any other important feature than USB-Ethernet? Yeah, the power optimization is not our priority at the moment.

No, everything else seems to be basically working. Our software (.NET Core 2.1 at the moment) does crash from time to time with segmentation fault, but I’m not sure which fault (our, .NET, OS or HW) it is and a restart “fixes it” and during evaluation thats not a real problem…

Thanks for this Information.