USB modem support in Linux

Hello! I would like to use the iMX6ULL with a 3G/4G USB modem. I am interested in the Sierra Wireless MC7455 or EM7455, with mPCIe interface.

Can someone tell me if its driver is supported by the Toradex Linux? I’ve found some mentions regarding the EM7455 in this search of Toradex’s git page, but it is not clear to me if it’s supported and I do not know where to look in the root/drivers.

Also, is the driver for the modem really required? According to this page, if the modem supports the CDC model interface (I suppose it does, although I haven’t seen it mentioned in its documentation), then I can use it with PPP. In this case, what is the driver used for?. If not, then what dual-SIM 4G modem is supported by the Toradex Linux?

Hello Christian,

the git readme provides information how to get started.

Best Matthias

I’ve found this page that explains how to interface with the MC7455 modem. Thank you, Toradex!

Great Tahnks