USB Generic Mass Storage - Rememeber to change idVendor

Following this KB I set the USB driver as Mass Storage Class and everything works as expected.

When I want to unplug the device from my host PC and I right-click over the USB icon I see the message

Unplug Generic Mass Storage (PROTOTYPE – Rememeber to change idVendor).

Is this an expected behavior?

Is there a way to change this idVendor?

Is this a recommended procedure?

Dear @vix

This is the expected behavior. By default, the Colibri reports itself as a Microsoft device (0x045E). You may want to change it to your own Vendor ID. To apply for such an ID, please register with the USB Implementers Forum.

The vendor ID can be changed in the registry:


There are also settings for the Product ID and descriptive texts in the same key.

Regards, Andy