USB Device Change


  • Toradex has a USB Device Port (X29 in Colibri evaluation Board)
  • Currently as per default image this port is detecting as a network port when connected to a PC
  • How can we change this USB Device to CDC Class (Detects as COM Port )when connected to Windows/linux OS?
  • X27 (UART to FTDI) is Debug Console Port for both Uboot and Linux as per default.
  • We would Like to connect this UART to an Application Device (UART Printer , UART Barcode …) since all other UARTs are also consumed as per our application
  • Is it Possible to Make above mentioned USB Device as Debug Console Port for both linux and u-boot enviornment?

Please share with us a method to do So

Thanks and Regards,

      Aneesh K N

X29 support USB dual-role. In Linux the USB Gadget stack allows to configure various drivers. Our default image uses RNDIS.

In Linux it is possible to use CDC ACM and use it as a serial console. The article USB Device Mode (Linux) has more information. However, since enabling the USB gadget configuration can have issues on its own, it is not recommended to use USB gadget as a default serial console. On U-Boot I am not aware of a method to use the USB gadget stack as serial console.

Note that with a custom carrier board and device tree you can use two additional UARTs (see chapter 5.9 UART in the Colibri VF61 datasheet).