USB-CDC driver for WinCE 7 for BlueGiga BLED112 USB bluetooth dongle


We want to use this USB dongle for Bluetooth Smart Low Energy from Silabs/BlueGiga (link). Our project is based on the Colibri T20 and Win CE7. On desktop windows the dongle comes up as a virtual COM port. The desktop Windows driver package’s inf file is pointing to Windows own “usbser” driver. A Win CE driver isn’t offered by them.

Googling let’s me believe, that Win CE 7 can be build with USB-CDC support.

  • Can Toradex possibly include USB_CDC
    support into their standard image?
  • If not, is it possible to request/buy a
    custom build image?
  • Do you have any
    other advice for getting the dongle
    to work?

Many thanks and greetings from Franconia!

We don’t have the dongle working, yet. This is what we have tried:

We have installed platform builder and extracted the usbser.dll (public\common\oak\target\ARMV7\retail) and it’s registry settings (public\common\oak\drivers\usb\class\usbser). We changed the VID & PID in the registry to the BLED112 VID 2458 and PID 0001 (those are taken from the windows desktop inf file). Usbserl.dll is copied to FlashDisk\System folder.

When we plug in the dongle, Win CE still asks for the driver. Upon entering “Usbser”, the dialog will close and come up again right away. So somehow the dongle and the driver don’t match up correctly.

Does anybody have an idea why?
Thanks, Daniel

Could it be the device actually needs multiple drivers receptively has multiple PIDs ? Do you see any registry change when you set the driver once?

Verify that your VID and PID are in decimal in the registry. In the inf file for windows the values are in hexa.

Hi Samuel, thanks for looking into this. in Windows 7 it lists with one PID only. The registry doesn’t change, when I enter the driver name.

Thanks Nico! I tried with decimal VID/PID in the registry - but it doesn’t accept the usbser.dll as a driver.