USB camera module (OV5640) on Windows CE 5.0

Hi All

I know, it may not be the right forum for the following problem.
So, I have a Psion WA Pro G2 device with WinCE 5.0 operating system and this camera module:
This module equipped with OV5640 sensor. I found an UVC driver and program that can take a picture, but only in 640*480 resolution (on PC this module can be produced bigger resolution).
Has anyone any(!) idea to get bigger resolution from this camera module on WinCE 5.0 ?
I’d appreciate any idea.

Thank you!

@tommhu, yes, it’s not really the right forum for this question as it’s not related to Toradex hardware. However, I keep the post open, in case anybody else has an answer they could get back to you through this channel.

Thank you!

Did you try with the samples on our website?

USB Webcam for Windows CE | Toradex Developer Center

If the UVC driver you are using supports direct show you can try to use the samples we provide for imx6 and see if they work on your camera:

Using iMX6 Camera Interface in Windows CE | Toradex Developer Center

Those samples are tested on CE7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013, so you may have issues running them on CE5 on a non-Toradex device, but could be a good starting point to understand how you can get more information out of that driver and how you can configure and control it.
Of course we can’t provide support if you are using them on a different device.

I tried to load the CAB files, but has triggered an error message at startup.
But thank you very much for your help!