USB Bluetooth Driver Error

I’ve bought DeLock USB 2.0 Bluetooth Adapter v4.0 Dual Mode and have installed the drivers USBBluetoothStackCE6 provided in the following link:

After inserting the Bluetooth adapter, the WinCE pop out the message box:
“Unidentified USB device. Enter the name of driver for this USB device” requesting the input for the driver name in the text box.

Anyone have any suggestion how to solve this issue?

Thank you all in advance!

Anything? Anyone?

Hi @Kerim
It looks like there are different versions of the DeLock USB Bluethooth dongle.

The one we tested some years ago, was based on the CSR chipset:

Newer versions seem to use another Chipset which is not supported by our installer (Broadcom):

I see that this particular model based on CSR chipset is not available anymore. Can you recommend the exact model/manufacturer/link that is supported and is available for purchase at the moment? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Kerim,

Unfortunately these Bluetooth USB dongles are discontinued and replaced with newer versions very often. Also it’s really difficult to get any technical information on what chipset and usb class the USB dongle supports.

Maybe the easiest ist to buy 5-10 of them and test them out (since they are normally very cheap).

What you can try to look for is CSR chipset (although i think it could work with others too) and if the device is of class USB_DEVICE_CLASS_WIRELESS_CONTROLLER (0xE0), subclass USB_DEVICE_SUBCLASS_RFCONTROLLER (1), protocol USB_DEVICE_PROTOCOL_BLUETOOTH (1)

You can try to google for this:

BTW: I found a workaround to make the new DeLock stick work
you have to change following registry key name:





This will accept the Class 0xff (255) of the new DeLock Bluetooth adapter.

Save Registry and reboot, then the DeLock adapter should be accepted.
I did some quick tests, but it seems there is something not working properly… at least in my setup. I can enumerate devices, but only once, the second attempt fails to enumerate.