USB autodetect not working


We are having some issues with USB autodect on our custom board.
This is similar to this question.

Our current setup is the following :

  • Yocto build 5.x.y : tdx-reference-minimal-image
  • SODIMM_185 and SODIMM_187 are connected to a USB port through a levelshifter.
  • Same issue on USB_OTG1 and USB_OTG2.

Symptoms :

  • USB autodetect is working on Dahlia Carrier Board v1.0 (via USB hub)
  • USB storage is detected if the key was plugged before booting (but this is not working for every kind of USB keys)
  • If USB is plugged afterward, we are able to make it work manually with either uhubctl --reset or usbhid-dump

Could you please share a USB related part of your board schematic ?

These are our USB related board schematics.
Precisions : R135, R137, R102, R104 are not equiped.


Hello Neunz,

can you please sent your schematic as a PDF to our support email{at} this will be then easier to read and we can do a review on this.
Also copy a link to this ticket here in the email so that we can link those.

Best Regards,