USB accessories not detected when plugged in together with USB HUB

Our customers are trying to use our products, which make one USB HOST port available, with multiple accessories simultaneously (namely, the LM816 wifi adapter, and a USB WebCam we provide).
Both accessories are implemented and tested with our devices and work fine, both connected alone directly, or via a USB HUB.

We have selected a USB HUB on the market to test, and discovered the following:
If as a user we plug the accessories in the USB HUB first, then plug the HUB in our device after, the accessories do not get detected. As soon as something changes in the HUB (e.g., removing and reinserting one of the two accessories, or inserting another one), all of the plugged-in accessories get detected by the device immediately.
This means disrupting the following use-case: our users who will prepare their setup today and it won’t work when they come in to work tomorrow morning and power on their device with everything connected already (not until they physically plug one accessory out then in again).

I have seen that this does not happen with at least 2 other HUBs, one with 3.0 and the other with 2.0 ports.
It also does not happen (of course) when I plug the HUB in my windows 10 PC, so don’t rule out the possibility there might be a setting in the SoM that might help with this.

I understand that a solution might consist of simply finding another one that works, but I was curious: does anyone happen know anything about why this happens and how to avoid it or work around it?

The HUB can be seen here or here (not that it tells much, but I found no official website or datasheet).

Knowing a few characteristics that could help us in searching for a different HUB would also be useful and sufficient.
Thanks in advance

Colibri T20 256MB V1.2A
Custom Carrier board
WEC7 BSP 2.1

The issue you’ve described, where accessories connected via a USB hub are not detected by the device until after a change is made to the hub’s connections, is not uncommon. It often arises from variations in how USB hubs manage device initialization and power management, which can differ significantly between manufacturers. This variability is sometimes due to manufacturers optimizing production costs, leading to a hub that might not fully adhere to every nuance of the USB specifications. As a result, the hub may function correctly with certain devices and encounter issues with others.

In summary, the best course of action is to select another USB hub.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply!
We will do just that.