Upgrading BSP 2.8 to BSP 6.0 in field

Colibri iMX7D 512MB V1.1D
Custom Carrier Board
Linux BSP 2.8

I’m thinking about upgrading BSP 2.8 to BSP 6.0.
But I have the following problem:
So far I updated everything (kernel, zImage, device tree, m4) from uboot, using commands like:

run setupdate
run prepare_ubi
run update_fdt
run update_kernel

the structure and content of the sd card (used for updating) was done with a script after building the image with yocto (also provided by toradex in the days).

I am struggling to figure out how this is done with BSP 6.0.
I found tutorials using toradex easy installer.
But in order to upgrade my existing configuration I would need something similar to what I have right now, don’t I?

The iMX7D needing this upgrade are not in my lab anymore but distributed all over town.
Is it even possible to upgrade the bsp?

Thanks for your help,

Unfortunately, the method you are using (by running “run setupdate,” etc.) is deprecated and not supported in the latest releases. Therefore, the only method available now is to put the module in recovery mode, load the Toradex Easy Installer, and use it for updates.

Yes, this procedure will require a lot of effort in your case, but if you choose to upgrade to Torizon, you can utilize its Torizon Remote Updates feature for painless updates in the future. If you prefer to build your own image, you can include a third-party OTA solution for the same purpose.

Hi Alex

Thanks for your quick reply.
Having all my modules returned to me to put them in recovery mode to do the upgrade is not an option right now.
Maybe it will present itself in a few years when the modules need a periodic maintenance in house.

I was surprised that you brought up Torizon.
I ruled out that possibility (even before posting my question) because you only list Colibri iMX7D 1GB as a supported device and I have the 512MB version.
For the future: Is using Torizon for Colibri iMX7D 512MB V1.1D an option?


Hi @janinest,

You have two options, 1) old mode, 2) launching Tezi from USB/SD card.

For old mode you should download and sudo-unpack bz2 file of your old BSP 2.8.

!!! rm -rf is dangerous. Please make sure you are in rootfs folder before calling it. rm should wipe old rootfs files, then you call sudo tar xJvf to unpack new rootfs files

sudo tar xjvf <path to>Colibri-iMX7_LXDE-Image_2.8b7.-20200610.tar.bz2
cd Colibri-iMX7_LXDE-Image_2.8.7/rootfs/
sudo rm -rf ./*
sudo tar xJvf <path to BSP6 *tar.xz file from your TEZI distribution>
cd ..
./update.sh -o <path to mounted USB drive>

Once media is created replace symlinks to zImage and *.dtb files on your USB drive. Alternatively do it before to update.sh call in colibri-imx7_bin.

This will create USB drive to update the old way. run setupdate, then run update

  1. Download TEZI Download Toradex Easy Installer | Toradex Developer Center

extract boot-tezi.scr and tezi.itb to root of your USB drive. Rename boot-tezi.scr to boot.scr. From U-Boot console try run usb_boot. If something fails, then perhaps you need to update U-boot first. If newer U-Boot doesn’t help, then perhaps you need to reset your environment first,
env default -y && save && reset

If indeed TEZI boots well, you should be able to VNC connect to TEZI and let it update to new BSP.

Edit: warning about rm

Hi @Edward
Thanks a lot for the suggested workaround and the detailed instruction for option 1!
Option 1 looks like the way to go for updating my modules, thank you.

@alex.tx For my curiosity and future development:


While theoretically possible, you will be significantly limited in terms of disk and RAM space, requiring extra efforts for optimization

Hi all!

I am just writing here to add a disclaimer for other users accessing this thread.

Although @Edward’s “1) old mode” could work, this is not tested, maintained nor supported by Toradex. The whole run setupdate; run update is deprecated.

And, for launching Toradex Easy Installer from external media, we have the Boot From an SD Card / USB Stick | Toradex Developer Center article.

As always, thanks @Edward for your contributions to the Community :slight_smile:

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