Upgrade the Colibri T30 from CE7 to CE8

Dear Community,

I am using the Colibri T30 with Windows Compact 2013 (CE8).

If I buy the module there is CE7.

I can upgrade the Module from CE7 to CE8 with the Tutorial on your Site.

I need a .exe file, witch upgrade the Colibri T30 automaticaly from CE7 to CE8.

Is there some tool from your Site?

How can I realize it?

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

If you only want to upgrade to CE8, just use the update tool an provide the target image as parameter. For example you can use:

  • update.exe /u nk_ce8.nb0
    update.exe /u eboot.nb0

More details are on this developer website.

In case you want to flash your final products in higher volume, please check the “production programming” process. Therefore we provide a more detailed description on this developer website. Remark: With the release of image V2.0beta1 we plan to simplify this process.