Updating Portainer

Image with containers installed with Easy Install has Portainer 1.24.0. Portainer puts up a message “A new version is available” 1.24.1. The link seems to simply point to a github. How do you do the update on the system?

Hi @ChipW,

Quick question is there any issues with the 1.24.0 version of Portainer that we ship or is it just the “A new version is available” message? While the procedure to update Portainer isn’t too complex, I wouldn’t advise it. The reason being that whenever we put out a release of Torizon we test it against the specific Portainer version that it gets shipped with. If you encounter any issues after updating to a new version of Portainer it becomes a “at your own risk” type of situation.

But nonetheless if you want to update Portainer here is what you’d need to do.

First of all the whole Portainer stack gets started at boot via a service that we install on Torizon. This service uses a docker-compose.yml to launch the three containers that make up Portainer. This docker-compose.yml file is located on the device here: /var/sota/storage/docker-compose/docker-compose.yml. You’ll need to run commands with “sudo” to interact with this file. So if you take a look at the contents of this file you’ll notice each container image is specified with a hash. This is so only a very specific version of that container gets used, the version that we test against, rather than the latest which may or may not work.

In short you need just update this file specifically the “portainer” section to use the version you want. You can see all the available version of Portainer here: Docker Hub

Once that is done you’ll also probably need to stop and remove all running containers on the device. then a quick reboot should bring the Portainer stack up again but with the version you specified in the yaml file.

But like I said above no guarantees that this new version will “just work”.

Best Regards,

Hi Jeremias,

Understand. The update said it was security related and one of the other errors we’ve been seeing related to the VS extension was a missing password method and I thought the two might be related. I don’t want to do an update, just thought it might be necessary. Thanks. We can close this.


Alright then. By the way just to clarify there is no connection whatsoever between any of our IDE extensions and Portainer. At the moment Portainer is just a standalone UI that is used to simplify the management of containers rather than using the command line.