UpdateTool RAM Timing


Version 6.0.11 of the UpdateTool comes with the ability to modify RAM Timing. The instruction in the release notes is:

Ram Timings can be changed from/to
800 Mhz (Standard) to 533 Mhz on
Colibri and Apalis T30 by using the
default.bct or default_533.bct files

The two .bct files included in the zip are 0kb. I’m not sure I see how I’m supposed to use them to switch to 533. Do I just leave one or the other in the same directory as UpdateTool.exe?


It is correct these files are empty. This is a hint for the Tool to generate the default BCT with the appropriate timing, so this is OK.

We updated all the CFG files in the past. Currently all images we have uploaded have a config file with the RAM timings in which we recommend to use with the image version. If you check the config file, you find the following lines:


So if you flash your image using a config file, you are fine. The default bct files are meant to be used if you only want to switch between the ram timings and don not change other parts of the image.

To check my understanding…

I have an image that was flashed onto an Apalis using nvflash and the config file for 533.

I will us UpdateTool 6.0.11 to backup this image. I do not need to make any changes to my .cfg file.

In a field update, I will use 6.0.11 to update to my image.

This will result in 533 for the RAM timings on updated machines.


Is there any way that I can validate that a machine has this RAM timing?

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No, this will not result in a 533MHz timing:

If you create a backup, the RAM timing setting (t30_emc_clk) is not written into the config file (only for images before 2.0 the 533 settings are backed up to cfg file automatically). Our goal is to have only one setting running on 2.0 and newer versions, which will be the 800MHz version 1.0 settings. With the UpdateTool 6.0.11 we introduced new settings that run stable. So we actually would recommend you not to modify the cfg file down to 533MHz but use the new 800MHz timings. Check the the UpdateTool if you click on “Version Info”, to see which BCT version and RAM timings you currently have installed.

If you still want to use the 533MHz timings you have to manually add the t30_emc_clk setting to the cfg file, the update tool has generated.