UpdateTool Error on Colibri T20 during update

We have a working application and system running based on CE7. We take this system into production now and want to create a programming stick. I followed the procedure and made a backup with update tool 6.0.6 on the working system. Then I want to reprogram this backup on another colibri T20. The image is based on CE image version 1.1

Programming of the created backup on another system failed with the following UpdateTool error message:

“UDLDoUpdate: Unknown error: 1”

This message occurs almost directly, the Image update screen shows that is is programming the Region: Bootloader

The UpdateTool was started as described with the additional parameter “/nandecc rs4” by setting the flag IS_T20_BEFORE_1_4 to 1 in the batch script.

@adresynth: Could you please check once the debug output during the you restore the backup and share the information with us? If you don’t know how to enable the debug output, please check here.

Just to make sure:

  • You have the backup and the update tool on a external device (USB / SD)?
  • You try to flash the update on a module with the same amount of flash memory (256 MB)?
  • Which OS Version (CE Version and Image Version) is flashed on the image want to apply the upgrade?


backup and update tool are on USB stick as described in Production Programming for Tegra modules.
Used updatetool 6.0.6 for creating and restoring backup.
Both modules have 256 Mb flash
CE 6 version 1.1 is flashed and is also on the target tegra module.
attached the log file during startup and after that inserting the USB stick.
link text

@adresynth: Thanks for the details. We have been able to reproduce this issue. We will check and will provide a fix for that.

Thanks, we will wait for your fix. Any idea on timeschedule? will this be a quick fix or will it take longer than a week?

We found a solution for this issue and will release a new Update Tool in during the next days.

The issue is related to the backup and not to the restore itself. If you check your backup files, you will see that the size of the bootloader backup (normally called “FlashBackup_eboot.nb0”) is zero bytes. As you anyway do not change the bootloader itself, just replace this file with the eboot.nb0 you can get form the 1.1 image bundle (get it from here: http://docs.toradex.com/102307 ). Don’t forget to name it the same as the backup file. After that restoring should work fine.

Thanks samuel, this seems to work.