Updatetool 7.8 update Bootloader Apalis imx6


I am trying to update bootloader from 1.3 to 1.4 using updatetool 7.8

I have downloaded the bootloader with imx6_wince-image_1.4b2. The name of bootlader is eboot-apalis.img.

The updatetool does not accept files with extension img. It only accepts extension imx.

Can I rename the file ?

I selected i.MX6 bootloader image

Only if I rename to eboot-apalix.imx I can select the file.

On page Update Tool | Toradex Developer Center I could read that only extension imx and spl is accepted.

Ok, this did work.

Can you please select “i.MX6 SPL bootloader image” and then select SPL file.

In the update tool did you select file type as bootloader or SPL bootloader?

Please use SPL bootloader (eboot.spl) for future updates. The other format is still there for backward compatibility, but may be removed in future updates.