Update U-Boot on Colibri IMX7D

  • U-Boot version : 2016.11-toradex
  • Embedded Linux Version: 4.1.44-2.7.4
  • Easy Installer: 1.8-20181019
  • Compiler: gcc-linaro-6.2.1-2016.11-x86_64_arm-linux-gnueabihf

I am trying to update the U-Boot version that is on currently on the SoM with a version that I would modify and build but I get an error when running the recovery script from the Easy Installer.

On a Linux development computer, I downloaded the U-Boot source files, the Toradex Easy Installer and the cross compiler (versions mentioned above).

Without modifying the U-Boot source files, I am able to configure and build the uboot image with success:

make colibri_imx7_emmc_defconfig
make -j3 2>&1 | tee build.log

Then I copy the generated u-boot.imx file to the Easy Installer folder (replace existing file).
Then I call the recovery script from the Easy Installer folder:

sudo ./recovery-linux.sh -d

But the script returns an error:

Trying to open device vid=0x1b67 pid=0x4000.........................
Could not open device vid=0x1b67 pid=0x4000

If I call this script with the original u-boot.imx file, the scripts returns successfully and Easy Installer is running on the SoM.

Am I missing a step to successfully transfer the new U-Boot image?
What could cause this error?

Thanks for your help. I was able to successfully update the u-boot on my SoM!

Greetings @robot_max,

Just to clarify you’re replacing the U-Boot binary in the colibri-imx7_toradexeasyinstaller_1.8 folder itself?

If so then this is the incorrect way to go about it. The binaries in this folder are just to bring up a temporary environment in which the Easy Installer tool runs. Instead you’ll want to get a Easy Installer package from here. These contain actual binaries reflecting our various BSP releases. Once you’ve replaced the U-Boot binary here you can then copy this modified folder to a USB/SD medium and connect it to the carrier board while the device is running Easy Installer. Your custom folder should show up in the UI letting you install it along with your modified U-Boot binary.

Let me know if there’s anything I can help clarify further.

Best Regards,

Glad it worked out for you.