Update tool error on Colibri T20

I am trying to update the OS image on Colibri T20.
I have downloaded the latest update tool and latest wince 6.0 image.
I put them in FlashDisk and ran the Update tool and browsed and selected the config file for wince6, but I get the error shown in the image that it cannot load nvflash.dll which is also in the same folder as update tool on the device.
Any suggestion how to fix this?

Dear shiva_eghbal

The flashdisk, OS image and bootloader all share a common physical flash chip, and accessing any of these sections use the same low level flash driver.
To do a reliable update of the OS, the UpdateTool needs to lock the access to the flash. As a consequence, the DLL cannot be loaded anymore from the flashdisk.

Conclusion: You must put the UpdateTool and all related files to a different storage medium, such as a USB thumb drive or an SD card. Also the module’s root folder is fine, as it is located in RAM.

Regards, Andy


I did as you said on some of our Colibri modules and it worked.
However there is a T20 module that keeps giving me error.
It also doesn’t keep the time and date although it has the CustomRTCsync.exe and CustomRTCsync.dll files in System folder and addressed from Init in registry.
Any idea why and how to fix it?

alt text

Dear @shiva_eghbal

Please make sure you always use the latest Update Tool. You can download it from our developer website in the “Update Tool” article.

Regards, Andy