Update Tool 7.5.0 for VF61 doesn't allow loading of eboot.img

Launching Update Tool 7.5.0 on Colibri VF61 with Win CE 6 1.5beta4 I can press “Update” button.
This opens a popup where I can browse the filesystem.
On the SD card, this popup shows only NK6.bin, NK7.bin and NK8.bin.
EBOOT.img (which is present on the SD card) is not shown and cannot be selected.

The same behavior happens with “Update Tool” 7.3.0

Can I upgrade the bootloader from the bootloader itself (pressing [SPACE])?


Did you select bootloader in the file selection menu inside open file dialog?

I missed that selection menu. Sorry.
Anyway I was able to upgrade it from the bootloader with “flashloader” command.