Update to image 1.52 failed


I have made a new image with BSP 1.52.
Whenever I try to update to this image update fails at about 55 percent.

I also download image of 1.52. Howvever when I uncompress the zip file I get the message that nk7.nbx is courrupted.

Just an additional information: I now downloaded image 1.4 and tried updating from folder \temp.
Strangewise updating failed also at about 55 percent despite the fact that nk7.nbx is only about half the size of my image.


I retried this morning with 1.5b4 and finally it did work. Yesterday I had not only problems with unzipping nk.nbx but also with high memory consumption - I did no longer encounter these problems with 1.5b4
So for the moment the problems seem to be solved.

Dear @Frax222
I’m glad to hear that you were able to solve the problem. And thank you for reporting this back.
Regards, Andy