Update to docker breaks network host and port mapping

Hi all, @andrecurvello.tx and @gustavo.tx,

I think @gauravks has reported this directly but I thought it would be worth a forum post to share. Might be a good place to accumulate information as well.

It looks like an update to docker-compose has made the combination of network host and port mappings an error when it just used to be a warning. This breaks our debug build as require network host to use the CAN bus interfaces and the extension maps port 6502 internally. The message reported is:

[03-13 16:12:06.579] Restarting application container...
[03-13 16:12:06.756] Docker exception: "host" network_mode is incompatible with port_bindings
[03-13 16:12:06.756] Remote docker exception.

The debugger then attempts to connect but gets stuck and seems to stay running but is not connected and the container doesn’t start.

A release build does work and the release container will run. I was unable to run a debug container at the command line as it could not seem to map the application folder but that could be an error in my run command.

I will check with Gaurav who he spoke to but this is a critical problem for us. We are building right now to do deployments in 2 weeks. I need the debug setup to work.

A few questions from me:

  • Where did the update occur? Is this a new version of the extension that does an update inside the build container? I can’t see anything here that indicates it should have happened. We are both on v1.3.115 early access. Can we roll back to v1.2 to fix it?
  • Is there a workaround we can apply to remove the 6502 port allocation?
  • Is there a way to fix the version of the build system we are using? It is a disaster to get an update we are not expecting that breaks everything.



Having a bit of a poke around I can see that the extension does include the parameter:
–publish 6502/tcp
in the run command for the debug build.
I can’t see if I can edit this through the extension although the options have never been very clear to me! Is there a way to affect the generated run command?

Hi all,
I got an extension update to 1.3.116 this morning but it does not seem to fix the problem, still the same error message and debugger hang. Do I need to try to force a clean build or anything?

Fix will be in the next update of early access version.

Thanks @valter.tx that’s great news. Do you know when we can expect that? At the moment we are stopped from working or using release builds which are slow to copy to the device every time.

Hi @valter.tx, any update for us?

we just uploaded the new release to vs marketplace

Hi @valter.tx,

Thanks for the fast work. I tested this and it seems fixed in version 1.3.117.