Update Qt for WinCE either to 4.8.7 or to 5.6

This KB resource explains how to setup Qt framework with VS2008 for WinCE with Toradex modules, and it refers to Qt 4.8.4.

I know that Qt 4 is a legacy branch for Qt, but it’s the one that supports WinCE.

Nowadays, the latest release in Qt 4 branch is Qt 4.8.7 with some bug fixes.

I wonder if instructions and toolkits can be updated to explain how to use Qt 4.8.7 with VS2008 for WinCE with Toradex modules.

As an alternative, can Qt 5.6 be ported on Toradex Colibri modules running CE 6 or WEC7 (as done by @KDAB for WEC2013)?

Dear @vix

Updating to Qt 5.6 is probably not possible, because this version requires compiler features which are only available in VS2012 and later. This is the reason why only WEC2013 support is available. We are in contact with Qt anyway, so we can ask them whether they would be willing to adjust Qt5 to be supported on WinCE6 and 7.

We will investigate how much effort it is to update the documentation for using Qt 4.8.7. Actually we expect that there are only minor modifications. Did you face any particular difficulties when applying the Qt 4.8.4 tutorial to Qt 4.8.7?

Regards, Andy

Hi @andy.tx

As far as I know, Qt 5.6 is the last release of Qt 5 branch which doesn’t require a compiler which support C++11 features.

And so, building Qt 5.6 for CE 6 or 7 would be theoretically possible.

It wouldn’t be possible building Qt > 5.6 for either Ce 6 or WEC7.

But Qt can clarify this requirement.

Did you face any particular
difficulties when applying the Qt
4.8.4 tutorial to Qt 4.8.7?

Do you refer to this KB?

Point #1 of Download and Installation section requires to download Qt 4.8.4 SDK.
Can this SDK be used for Qt 4.8.7 too?
I stop here because I thought a kind of “Qt 4.8.7 SDK” would be necessary.

Dear @vix
I’m not sure whether you could use the Qt 4.8.4 SDK. We will have a look at this.
Regards, Andy

Dear @vix
So far this is the only request we got to update to the later Qt release. Therefore it is a low-priority item for us, and we would like to focus on other ways to improve our ecosystem.
Is this an issue for you?
Regards, Andy

It’s not a high priority task from my side, but I can say I’m somehow interested in it.

I hope you can look into it soon or later.

Dear @vix
I’m sorry to inform you we decided to put no effort into this topic in the near future. There is a engineering partner company who offers porting services, if it is important for you.

Regards, Andy