Update of Node.js

I used the following commands, to get Node.js on my VF61:

opkg update
opkg install nodejs
opkg install nodejs-npm

After that, the current version of Node.js seems to be

node -v

How can I get the recommended versions (Node.js v4.5.0, NPM v2.15.9) on my VF61?

We are currently using the jethro branch for OpenEmbedded which has 0.12.7 version of nodejs and 0.12.2 version is available in feeds. To get a more recent version of nodejs, there is a meta-nodejs layer which you can try to add to OpenEmbedded setup and then try building the more recent version. However this has not been tested. Also note the information on Stack Overflow.

Alternatively once we switch to krogoth, 4.4.3 should be available, however it has not been decided if and when we switch to it.