Update image from u-boot bootloader with BSP 3.0

Hello everybody,

I am updating my custom image that was still based on ‘Apalis-iMX6_Console-Image_2.8b2’ to the ‘3.0b2’.

I successfully created my Tezi image with bitbake, but I see that you removed the building of the legacy image (I could see this already inside ‘/meta-toradex-demos/recipes-images/images’ - many files that existed in 2.8 are not there anymore in 3.0).

My question is, how is it possible to update the iMX6 module to my latest built image from inside the bootloader, in the same way as I used to do with 2.8 (stop the bootloader, then type ‘run setupdate’ and then type ‘run update’). Is it not possible anymore with 3.0 ?

Is it only possible to update an Image using the Tezi Image and update it from Toradex easy installer ?

Thanks for your help.


Hi @nlanfran!

Support for the “legacy” update procedure was dropped in BSP 3.0. You can probably still use the files from BSP 2.8 and put together an update script, but we’re only supporting Toradex Easy Installer for BSP 3.0 and on.

Hi Gustavo,

thanks for your answer. I can try to create the same update.sh and related folders by getting them from BSP 2.8.

What is the official way to update an image with BSP 3.0 ? The first time I can use the TEZI image created with bitbake and update my board from Toradex Easy Installer, but how will I do the following updates ? Toradex Easy Installer will be gone from my iMX6 …


@nlanfran to update an image, you can reload the Toradex Easy Installer and then reinstall your image. The procedure to load the installer is described here.

Hi Gustavo,

I was able to build a .tar.bz2 Image using the ‘tdx-image-fstype.inc’ and the folder /files from the 2.8 stable version.

Anyway, I remember having reloaded the toradex easy installer to the iMX6 from the console of the u-boot bootloader in the past, so also the “official” way should not be a problem, just a little bit more time consuming.


Hi @nlanfran,

If you have a working U-Boot Environment, then a solution can be also to boot Toradex Easy Installer using distroboot from a media of your choice and then flash the image you want.

Best regards,

I have to say that it’s quite unfortunate. I loved being able to update my boards directly from uboot with only one usb key. Going throught Toradex Easy installer adds an extra step. Is there a reason for dropping this feature? Also you might want to update the https://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/distro-boot-linux#Requirements page:

The Embedded Linux BSP
supported by Toradex provides U-Boot
and its default environment compliant
with Distro Boot since version 2.8b4.
Therefore, at least this version of
our BSP is needed to use the Distro
Boot features (older versions might
work, but you may need to adapt some

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Hi Jaski,

thanks for your answer.

I was able to achieve loading of Toradex Easy Installer from external USB using distroboot (from U-Boot), then connecting to the board using VNC via USB X9 connector, then flashing my image from another USB using Toradex Easy Installer UI.


Perfect, that it works. Thanks for the feedback.