Unable to update kernel

I have compiled a custom kernel (based on image V2.7) and I would like to upload it to my Apalis imx6.
I get in the u-boot environment and type ‘run setupdate’. Then, when I try to execute ‘run update’ the prompt shows the following message: ## Error: “update” not found.

If I type ‘printenv’ I’m not able to find the update environment variable. Even more, I’m not able to find ‘migrate’ and many other variables that they are supposed to be there. What is wrong?

Maybe a solution could be to type directly the commands to upload the kernel (from my understanding the ‘update’ is an executable (‘run’) environment variable with the commands to upload the kernel, just like ‘setupdate’). Can you provide me those commands?

Thanks in advance

PFA the printenv command output
The u-boot version is: U-Boot 2016.11-2.7.4+g1b121c6 (Oct 04 2017 - 22:34:15 +0000)

Working on it I found the solution: just setting up in a right way the USB by following this link Flashing Embedded Linux to iMX6 Modules.

Seems that I did something wrong before.

After this, and after enter in the u-boot and execute ‘run setupdate’, the environment variables have been updated and now I’m able to execute ‘run update’ and all the other commands.

In any case, Thanks!!

Thanks for the information.