Unable to save GPIO Mux setting on iMX7 WEC7

Dear all

I’d like to change pins muxing setting, save them and let them work correctly after boot.
Now I’ve tried GPIO tool for iMX7, but it allows to change current setting but not to save as Boot-up Settings.

Another way I tried is to change the config block directly on bootloader, but it’s the same as above.
Can change currently but cannot work after reboot.

And I have intended to try rewrite the registries, but not mentioned about iMX7 on Web.

How can I save the GPIO Mux setting and let them work correctly after reboot?

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Can you give me the example of the settings you did in bootloader?

GPIO tool does not save any settings in registry or bootloader.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m so sorry but I had mistaken and confused.

For easy understanding, I mention example, there’s a case I want to use COM6(UART6).
I thought Colibri pin 101,103,105,152 were assigned for UART after boot because the registry key about COM6 had Pinout_default setting. But actually assigned as GPIO (confirmed by GPIO tool).

If I set altfn for UART in bootloader command, I could confirm they were changed for UART.
(Sorry, I mistook when I confirmed previously)

But I want to know whether there is any other way to change altfn, because I want to use many pins as alternative function.(e.g. UART4-7)

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Did you enable UART6 driver? By default its disabled. You have to change

HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\COM6 DLL to “serial_imx7.dll”