Unable to run recovery-windows.bat on windows

I am using SBC: colibri IMX6dl
iris REV1.1 eval board.
1.Unable to launch toradex easy installer in recovery mode via :/recovery-windows.bat
2.I have connected eval board with usb but am not able to detect colbri module on my host system. while following this link :confused:Toradex Easy Installer

Did you short the pads that enable recovery mode at power up or you already have a bootloader installed on your module and you used commands there?
Check that you don’t have a SD card in your board, this can also be an issue for recovery mode on Colibri.

I have verified the connection and i am already able to succesfully port Colibri-iMX6_LXDE-Image_2.7 on 1st board but after that i am not able to do the same for rest.(I also got some smell from board while porting lxde on 1st sbc.)

I haven’t inserted SD card in eval board.

Are you sure that the board is still working?