Unable to load Toradex Easy Installer on Apalis iMX8

Oh well if you’re using the beta version that makes things interesting then that you still see this error. For dmesg logs you just need to type the dmesg command in the serial console.

I’ve attached the log output in the file.link text

I don’t see any obvious issues but I’ll keep searching.

In the meantime we have had reports that rarely HDMI displays don’t play nice with the video output of our Easy Installer tool. Since as far as I can tell it seems you’ve successfully started Easy Installer and the issue is there is no display output. What you can try is using some kind of VNC program as described here: Downloads & Installers | Toradex Developer Center

See if this allows you to interact with the Easy Installer UI via your development PC.

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I tried to VNC (IP address to it, but I get a time out error every time. I have the board powered on (not recovery mode) and connected via a micro usb cable. I also have the serial port connected.

Another question I have - on the serial console, its asking for apalis-imx8 login credentials. I do not remember ever setting these parameters, where can I check what they are?

Wait are you connecting via VNC while the board is running Easy Installer?

Default login is “root” with no password. Though if the board is running Easy Installer there should be no login prompt, which is why I’m a little confused. Unless your login question was unrelated to the first point.

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