Unable to load kernel after custom Uboot

Hi there,

I’ve recently a custom U-boot image since we wanted to modify some GPIO behaviour during its boot process. We’ve been able to do what we want but now we are unable to have the Uboot look for the kernel in the nand.
We’ve followed your tutorial of flashing a custom kernel image for the Colibri without any issue, and then copy the u-boot-nand.imx image to the SD, but I’m afraid that we’ve probably missed some parameter setting the zImage and the dtb. 442-selection-064.png

Thanks for the help.

Solved! I was using Colibri VF image from version 2.5, and following this post: Fail of Linux loading with U-boot from sources - Technical Support - Toradex Community
I found out about the difference in the UBI boot sequence. Just using a 2.7b2 image with the new U-boot solved the issue :slight_smile:

PS: My bad for not posting that I was working with a 2.5 image. Sorry.

Glad you could fix the problem, thanks for keeping us updated!