Unable to install pyside2

I’m using viola plus carrier board
colibri iMX7D emmc SOM

build tdx-multimedia-reference-image

Want to install pyside2 on my image but there is no recipe so i tried to create one but as pyside2 depends upon shiboken2 . So first i need to create shiboken2 recipes but since I’m new to this I’m unable to create one can someone help me is there a proper syntax?? gone through yocto guide regarding create new recipe still i find some difficulties.

I’m using kirkstone branch and setup environment through . export

Any help will be much appreciated as I’m totally new to this kind of stuff

I need to add pyside2 to my image.

Hi @SY7,

I can understand creating custom recipes inside Yocto can sometimes become difficult and time consuming. May I suggest you to check our TorizonCore OS where you can install package using Debian package manager inside container.
Check below link for detail instruction
Qt Debian Container for Torizon | Toradex Developer Center

Once can use Torizon VS code plugin to get started right away using qt template

To test above procedure you will require to install TorizonCore image using Toradex easy installer

I hope this will help you with your development in case you are not looking for this do let us know.
Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

Thanks @ritesh.tx for your precious reply but I want to install pyside2 in my custom image Is there any way other than TorizonCore image

this could help



@RoccoBr I tried both ways but it didn’t work. Pls see if you can help me to fix the error.

I wonder Is it even possible to have PySide2 in Yocto Project??

if you go to the “Downloads files” page of Pyside2 (PySide2 · PyPI) you can see that there are only .whl archives, not tar archives and the Readme file of the script is pretty clear:

  • Note:.whl” archive packages are not supported!

so you need to find and URL pointing to the tar or zip version of the package

@RoccoBr I got a URL pointing to a zip version pyside-setup-opensource-src-5.15.2.zip
( Index of /official_releases/QtForPython/pyside2/PySide2-5.15.2-src)

I got some error check if I’m doing it right

general advise on how to ask help in an effective way:

  1. check the log
  2. try to fix it
  3. google the error (it’s very likely that someone else had the same issue or asked help for a similar issue)
  4. try what you have found on the internet
  5. ask for help reporting what you have already done to fix the issue

just reporting the error and ask someone else to fix it for you won’t get you far :wink: