Unable to import ssleay32.dll !Programme will exit

HI, I am using Virtual cepc to execute the wince 2013 application.My application requires the ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll so i copied these two files to my .exe application folder in virtual cepc.But still while running it tells that Unable to import library SSLEAY32.dll ! Program will exit…I changed C/C++ code generation run time option to MT but still i get no solution. Please tell me solution to this…

Regards, Shantanu K Pradhan

we don’t use virtual CEPCs. We always use our computer on modules to run or debug code. There could be many problems leading to the situation you see. E.g. the dll could not be compatible to the CEPC you are using (ARM vs. X86).
Does your program work on other platforms?

Thankx Roman!! .As of now i have not used any other platform to text for wince version of the code.But i also built the same project under VISUAL STUDIO 2013 FOR WIN32 PLATFORM and when i take the .exe file along with SSLEAY32.dll and LIBEAY32.dll to any windows 7 computer it runs quite fine. Can you suggest some solution… Is it the ssleay32.dll for wince and win32 are same or diffreent?

Do you use the same .dll files in Virtual CEPC And on the Windows 7? If yes than probably this DLLs are not compatible with Windows CE or are not even build for the configuration you are using.

Thanks Luca .Can you please tell me how to find the corresponding ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll for wince 2013.I can not find it.

You have to talk with people who provided this at the first place. You need them build from source code. There is not way to just convert them.

Ok thanx. It is better option.I have to contact them to provide me the .dll files for wince 2013.

Hey Sh_Kumar_Pradhan,
i have the same problem. Have you found a solution or the .dll files for wince 2013?

Dear @Sh_Kumar_Pradhan,

Sorry, we don’t have details about ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll built for WEC2013. Could you provide your input here?

Thank you.