Unable to import library Interactivity.dll ! Program will exit

Error (see title) pops up when I debug or run a simple Windows Embedded Compact XAML application built with the Visual Studio 2015 New Project wizard.

XAML application consists of Grid, two TextBlocks and single Button.

I have already installed Silverlight for WEC 2013.

Could you quickly check if you find the dll on \Flashdisk\System? After installing the CAB file, you should find it there.

Yes, interactivity.dll is in \FlashDisk\System.

Hi, I just tried with my demo application and Interactivity.dll was loaded successfully.

Can you please upload your sample to http://share.toradex.com and please make sure it builds.
I will try with that and try to find a solution for you.


I have investigated further and found something interesting.

  1. My XAML application will run correctly after XAMLInstaller_CE8_1_0.CAB is run.
  2. After rebooting, my application no longer runs and gets error message “Unable to import library Interactivity.dll…”.
  3. Re-installing XAML .CAB allows my program to run until the next re-boot.