Unable to enter in bootloader menu

I am unable to use ‘space’ to activate bootloader menu. When module starts, complete boot message is shown and it can not be paused or interrupted with ‘space’ key.
There is no delay or wait time for accepting keyboard input. Is there any chance to delay the boot process and get into bootloader menu?

You may use config block editor to change the boot.delay setting.
But usually, if you open the terminal application and keep space pressed while you power up the device you should be able to enter the boot menu.

This advise does not work for my setup.
I have a virgin Colibri T30 board which came with Windows CE and I have it plugged into a Colibri Evaluation Board.
I am following the instructions for flashing Linux and on Step 17 it says to enter the space key on powerup to enter the bootloader. I cannot intercept it.
So I followed this advice and ran the Config Block Editor and changed the boot delay to 30 seconds and added some more break characters. Now it counts down much longer but the keyboard is not active during this time, so I can press keys for the entire countdown and the bootloader doesn’t see them. How do I enable the keyboard during this countdown so that it will recognize my key strokes?!

The link for the steps I am following is:

Please check answer here - https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/32664/cannot-enter-bootloaded-despite-lengthening-the-de.html