Unable to enable read-only-rootfs

I am trying to switch rootfs to read-only using method described on How to implement a Read-Only Rootfs (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center. As I am using Verdin iMX8M Plus, I should apply fix for alsa-state, but unfortunately it seems that content of meta-custom/recipes-bsp/alsa-state/alsa-state.bbappend is wrong:

pkg_postinst_${PN}_mx8m_tdx () {

pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN}_mx8m_tdx () {


Creating this file results in following error:

ERROR: ParseError at /home/dev/oe-core/build/../layers/meta-xxx/recipes-bsp/alsa-state/alsa-state.bbappend:7: unparsed line: 'do_install_append_mx8'
ERROR: Parsing halted due to errors, see error messages above

Well, do_install_append_mx8 seems to be unfinished line. Also, previous lines (pkg_postinst...) use old override syntax that was used before Yocto 3.4 (honister), see release notes for details.

Looking at meta-toradex-nxp/recipes-bsp/alsa-state/alsa-state.bbappend for reference, I assume that my .bbappend file should look like this:

pkg_postinst:${PN}:mx8m-generic-bsp:tdx () {

pkg_postinst_ontarget:${PN}:mx8m-generic-bsp:tdx () {

As far as I understand it, it should disable (well, create empty) functions pkg_postinst and pkg_postinst_ontarget. The former one is empty in meta-toradex-nxp layer already, the latter one should be the culprit of the issue (as _ontarget task will be done after creating read-only rootfs, on target device), but those changes do not make any difference.

Also, I have no idea if there should be any changes to do_install function (as the last line of proposed file suggests) or not. It does not make any sense to me, I have no idea what could original idea behind that page in developer center be.


  • Verdin iMX8MP Q 4GB WB IT V1.1A
  • Yocto layers synced today to refs/tags/6.5.0
    • DISTRO_VERSION = "6.5.0-devel-20240328151402+build.0"

Please advice. I have gut feeling that it is something trivial, but I am not able to figure out how I should write that .bbappend file.


I have found the cause of the issue. My meta layer had lower priority than meta-toradex-nxp, so the changes were never applied. After changing the priorities, it seems that .bbappend with following content is enough:

pkg_postinst_ontarget:${PN}:mx8m-generic-bsp:tdx () {

This will simply just disable pkg_postinst_ontarget task, so everything can be done during build.

Anyway, if anyone from Toradex could update the developer center page to include correct instructions, that would be great. Thanks!

Hello @egm.chmelar,

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Thanks for posting the solution to your problem.
The developer website page you mentioned is outdated, we will update it with the correct information.

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