Unable to copy from ubuntu to angstrom

I have recently downloaded the Colibri_VF_LinuxImageV2.5_20151215.tar.bz2 for my colibri vf61 with colibri evaluation board. Everything is running fine but I am not able to copy files from my Ubuntu 16.04 to angstrom. For example , I am running the below command:

scp file.txt root@

But it gives me error:

packet_write wait Connection to Port: 22 Broken Pipe

I have already searched about this on other forums but still not results. Both the systems are in same network and properly replying to ping command. Any other way of transferring files over network.
Please help. Thanks

Please have a look at the following article on our developer website.

You can try to get the get the ssh working first as it can help you to get some pointers w.r.t debugging.
You can also make use of TFTP but not sure if the tool is available in BSP
( i haven’t used colobri but replied based on general usage in linux )

I also had the “broken pipe” problem on Ubuntu 14.04. I could log in to the Apalis when it had no password set. As soon I had set a password, I got broken pipe.

For me it the important pieces from SSH | Toradex Developer Center were:

  • On Apalis (server side) in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

      PermitRootLogin yes
      PasswordAuthentication yes
      #PermitEmptyPasswords yes
  • And the following configuration on client side:

      [user@host ~]$ cat ~/.ssh/config 
        Host 192.168.10.*
        Ciphers aes128-ctr
        PreferredAuthentications password
        PubkeyAuthentication no

However, as I don’t want this configuration for all servers (only for the Apalis devices), I wrote a small shell script apalis-ssh that adds the needed options to ssh:

 ssh -oCiphers=aes128-ctr -oPreferredAuthentications=password -oPubkeyAuthentication=no "$@"

I can now log in without problems.