Unable to Boot to U-Boot Prompt


I am trying to install Linux 2.6 on a Colibri T20. I have successfully created a SD card with the Linux image . Then I have connected the evaluation board with my Linux computer and I can see the boot sequence in a terminal program GtkTerm. By pressing space I access to Bootloader Menu. But how can I boot U-Boot ? I need it to then run the installation commands, run setupdate and then run update. Thanks in advance.

If you do still have WinCE/WEC installed on the module you will have to revert to the flashing from scratch procedure involving the USB recovery mode as outlined in the following article on our developer website.

Thanks you for answering. So the problem is that U_boot is not installed in my device? In this case how can I download it? Because in the txx recovery mode tutorial I cant see how to install it. Thank you again.

To load Uboot you need to do the following steps

Thanks, Linux Installed!!

Thanks, Linux installed!!

You are welcome!