Unable to boot from SD card

I am trying to boot from an SD card for development purposes. I have built tdx-reference-minimal-image following the instructions on OpenEmbedded (core) - Build an Image using tag/5.3.0. My full command: repo init -u https://git.toradex.com/toradex-manifest.git -b refs/tags/5.3.0 -m tdxref/default.xml
I saw no errors or failed tasks in the build log.

I put this on an SD card using gunzip -c Reference-Multimedia-Image-apalis-imx8.wic.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=32M. I have verified /dev/sdc was indeed my SD card.

In the attached UBOOT_failure.txt you can see it scanning the SD card for booting, but it switches to mmc0 shortly after.
Scanning mmc 1:1... 166596 bytes read in 23 ms (6.9 MiB/s)

My attempt to manually walk the bootcmd script in the full_walkthrough.txt.

Am I correct in assuming that Reference-Multimedia-Image-apalis-imx8.wic.gz should contain a bootable image?

5.3.0.zip (4.5 KB)

Apalis iMX8 QuadMax 4GB IT v1.1C
Ixora v1.2A (carrier board)
U-Boot 2020.04-5.3.0+git.7f3416a28c34
Toradex Easy Installer 5.3.0+build.3

I am not an expert but I think you can´t use the bootm command with the boot.scr, it has to be a kernel Image file.

I also had lots of compatibility issues when trying to boot various linux versions from various u-boot versions, perhaps you are experiencing the same. For example on some u-boot versions I could´t get the bootm command to work at all, alternatives are bootz and booti (with different kernel image files respectively)

For one specific uboot and Linux version (i dont´t remember which one) I had to execute the following commands in u-boot:

setenv board colibri-imx8qxp
run bootcmd_mmc1 # this fails, just executed to load some parameters
load mmc 1:1 $kernel_addr_r Image
load mmc 1:1 $fdt_addr_r imx8qxp-colibri-eval-v3.dtb
setenv bootargs "video=DPI-1:640x480-16@60D initcall_blacklist=vpu_driver_init root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 autoinstall clk_ignore_unused pci=nomsi"
booti $kernel_addr_r - $fdt_addr_r

Note that the “Image”-file has to exist on the sd card, if its a zImage file you would have to use the “bootz” command for example. These kernel formats are convertible into one another up to some degree. Probably you can´t just use the same commands but perhaps it gives you a hint to the solution.

Good luck

Well, this is certainly a step in the right direction! I was able to boot from the SD card using the following:

load mmc 1:1 $loadaddr Image.gz
load mmc 1:1 $fdt_addr_r imx8qm-apalis-v1.1-eval.dtb
unzip $loadaddr $kernel_addr_r
setenv bootargs "root=/dev/mmcblk1p2"
booti $kernel_addr_r - $fdt_addr_r

I am still interested in hearing from Toradex if the steps I described in my original question should produce a bootable SD card.

According to logs you provided you have not a regular U_Boot, but Toradex Easy Installer (TEZI) version of it. NAd its boot_scripts env variable is set to boot-tezi.scr. While image you prepared should have a boot.scr. You either need to flash a regular U_boot or set boot_scripts=boot.scr