Unable to add unique custom icon in Toradex Easy Installer

I try to add my own icon in Toradex Easy Installer (TEI) by replacing the default one, “toradexlinux.png”. But if I have two installation images with different icons, but with the same icon name, TEI will only show one of them for both images. Is this a bug?

I can use different names for the icons, but then I need to manually edit the image.json file, because “toradexlinux.png” is a static name set in image_type_tezi.bbclass and also used in tezi-metadata_0.3.bb. But I would like to avoid any manual editing.

Can this be solved in any way? The best solution for me would be to fix the bug in TEI. But it would also be nice to set the icon name as a variable somewhere.

Hi @pederalm, I have tracked your issue down in our code. The program is using the icon filename to identify the image when assigning an icon to it. It is admittedly not the best way to do this, so we will change it in the next release. For now, the fastest alternative is to use different names.