Ugrade without running

Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2
Colibri iMX6ULL 1GB IT

You need to put the board in recovery mode and run through your PC to upgrade through USB.
Is there any way to upgrade the board if I choose USB with SW image and go to recovery mode?

Hey @vorutesv,

If I understand. You want to flash a new image to the board via a USB stick while in recovery mode? This is very much possible.

I suggest reading up on our “Providing the Image” write up, regarding pre-built images. And then look into our Toradex Easy Installer Flashing a New Image

If your asking about something else, can you please explain a bit more of what you want/need.


To enter recovery mode, I must run on a Linux machine.
Can I automatically update via USB if I enter recovery mode on the development board without this process?

Hey @vorutesv,

Recovery mode is used to re-flash an image onto a device. I wouldn’t consider this typical ‘updating.’ I think what you are seeking as a USB update solution is the use of Lockboxes (USB/SD updates) This might suit your update needs?

Are you looking for OS updates or just for application? Is this just for development updates, or are you looking to understand more long term update solutions?

We also have online updates if that is an option via our Torizon Cloud., I would look specifically at our Torizon Updates Overview page.


Put to your flash drive tezi.itb and boot-tezi.scr. You need to rename *.scr file to boot.scr. Make sure U-Boot soc variable is set to imx6ull. Then run usb_boot.