Ubi run firmware on flash upon boot supported?

I would like to store my M4 firmware on flash and have it run upon bootup. I tried following the instructions to do this in FreeRTOS on the Cortex-M4 of a Colibri iMX7 I didn’t seem to have ubi support on the U-Boot or Linux software installed on my Colibri iMX7 Dual 1GB aka eMMC SKU evaluation board.

So I did an easy install to install colibri-imx7-emmc_lxde-image-tezi_2.7-20180104.tar. The documentation at the above link said that BSP V2.6 Beta 2 and later should support this, so I thought 2.7 would support it.

But I still don’t see UBI support in either the U-Boot or Linux on the M7. When I boot-up Linux,it says it’s running Colibri-iMX7-eMMC_LXDE-Image 2.7b4 20171004.

Is there some other BSP I need to use for the UBI support?

No, while the Colibri iMX7 Dual 512MB aka raw NAND SKU uses UBI the Colibri iMX7 Dual 1GB aka eMMC SKU your are talking about does use ext4 resp. VFAT instead. So rather than doing that UBI stuff you may just write the M4 firmware to the VFAT partition alongside the binary Linux kernel and device tree and load it from there e.g. as follows:

Colibri iMX7 # setenv m4boot 'fatload mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr} hello_world.elf && bootaux ${loadaddr}'
Colibri iMX7 # saveenv