UART is waiting for '\n' or 0x0a

Hi ,

I was practicing to do these steps for this article.

it works fine for me … apparently because it uses a string to do " echo example" ! the string already have \n inside it

what if I am transfer hexa value which has no \n inside?
why does UART will not read the data from RX until something that finished with " \n " or “0x0a” in hexa decimal is received?

Hi @rama.aloufee , TK1 uart can receive any character including 0x0A. For that, don’t use command cat. You can write a simple code. For example, a C demo like uart-test-rx.c (3.5 KB)

hi @benjamin.tx
i have tried .c code that you sent. but the same problem. i need to press “enter” to let the UART receive what i sent from " putty " SW for linux or from "serial port utility SW for windows

Hi @rama.aloufee , it is the same with the serial client on PC. You can write code to send data. Putty only sends out when I have input till Enter is pressed.