UART_A conflict with SD port

Based on Colibri iMX8X datasheet, UART_A is the debug console. In my application, I need a serial debug port and a SD card slot. However, Pinout Designer shows that 2 UART_A pins (UART_A_CTS, UART_A_RTS) are conflict with SD pins (SD_1_DATA2, SD_1_DATA3), hence I can’t have them both at the same time.

How can I resolve this problem?
Can I reconfigure the debug console to use UART_B or other UART port instead?

You don’t need CTS/RTS for debug UART.

From Colibri iMX8X datasheet:

The Colibri UART_A is according to the Colibri specification a full-featured UART. The i.MX 8X does
not feature the DTR, DSR, DCD, and RI signals. The CTS and RTS signals of this port are only
available as alternate function of the SD card interface signals. Therefore, the UART_A on the
Colibri iMX8X only features RX and TX
, no further hardware control signals on their standard
location. The UART_A is used as standard debug interface for the Toradex Linux operating systems.
Therefore, it is desirable to keep this port accessible for system debugging