UART_1 missing from VFxx Version 2.8b5

Cannot access /dev/ttyLP1 using the command stty -a -F /dev/ttyLP1
both /dev/ttyLP0 and /dev/ttyLP2 work OK

hi @cimxgj

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Could you provide the hardware version of your module?
Which carrier Board are you using?
Have you done any changes to the Kernel and device tree?

I tried this on my side with VF V1.2A and Bsp2.8b5 and this is working fine for me.

Best regards, Jaski

To answer your questions
Hardware version V1.2B
Custom carrier board and Iris Carrier board ( I have 2 x VF50s for testing)
No changes to the Kernal or device tree

Have reloaded both VF50s with Console Image 2.7 and all 3 UARTs are working.
Have also reloaded both VF50s with Console Image 2.8b5 and all 3 UARTs are working.

It now seems that the first time I loaded the Console Image 2.8b5 it was not done correctly. After inserting the SD card with the required image. These are the steps required:
nand erase.part ubi <=== this one was missed when the image was first loaded
run setupdate
run update

This issue can now be closed.
Thank you for the fast response.

Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.