U-boot splash screen on AM62

How to enable splash screen in u-boot for am62 on lvds display?

Verdin AM62 Dual1GB IT
Verdin Development Board 1.1E
U-boot sources: toradex_ti-u-boot-2023.04
Display: Capacitive Touch Display 10.1’’ LVDS via dsi-to-lvds-adapter.

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To enable a splash screen in U-Boot for the Verdin AM62 Dual1GB IT on an LVDS display via a DSI-to-LVDS adapter, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Splash Screen Image: First, you need to prepare your splash screen image. The image should be in a format supported by U-Boot, typically BMP. Ensure the image resolution matches the display’s resolution for optimal display quality.

  2. Convert the Image: Convert your splash screen image to a format that U-Boot can display. If your image is in BMP format, you might not need to convert it. However, ensure it’s in the correct resolution and bit depth. Tools like ffmpeg or convert (from ImageMagick) can be used for conversion if necessary.

  3. Integrate the Image into U-Boot: There are several methods to integrate the splash screen into U-Boot. One common approach is to include the image directly into the U-Boot binary. This can be done by placing the image in the U-Boot source tree (e.g., in the board/toradex/verdin-am62/ directory) and referencing it in the U-Boot configuration or source code.

  4. Modify U-Boot Configuration: You’ll need to modify the U-Boot configuration to enable the splash screen feature. This involves editing the U-Boot configuration file (include/configs/verdin_am62.h for your specific board) to define the splash screen parameters, such as the memory address where the image will be loaded and the display interface configurations.

    Add definitions similar to the following, adjusting parameters as necessary for your setup:

    #define CONFIG_CMD_BMP
    #define CONFIG_LCD
    #define CONFIG_BMP_16BPP
  5. Configure the Display Interface: Since you’re using an LVDS display via a DSI-to-LVDS adapter, ensure the display timings and interface configurations are correctly set up in U-Boot. This might involve configuring the LVDS bridge settings and ensuring the DSI interface is correctly initialized during the U-Boot startup sequence. These configurations can be specific to the hardware and might require adjustments in the board initialization code (`board/toradex

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