U-Boot md5sum command

In the Toradex u-boot version the command for md5sum calculation is disabled (refer to CONFIG_CMD_MD5SUM). Is there a reason which prevents me from enabling it?

Hi Florian,

There is nothing that speaks against enabling the md5sum command with CONFIG_CMD_MD5SUM. Please make sure you will generate a .img after compiling u-boot from scratch (see this link).

You can find the configuration for cbootimage here.

cbootimage you can find here or precompiled in a legacy BSP package.


SHA1 should be fine too.

Note that U-Boot offers the FIT image format which allows to check the packed kernel/device tree/ramdisk using hash functions automatically. We make use of that feature in the Toradex Easy Installer.

Hi Stefan, thx for the hint. Needs there something to be considered specific to the Apalis TK1 2GB? In case it does: Could you point me to further information about that? (There seem e.g. to be some Colibri iMX6 specifics to be considered…)

Yeah, most just use crc32 in U-Boot which is even used for their legacy uImage stuff.

Hi Stefan, thx for the fast response. I wanted to use md5sum for comparison of the memory regions of a SOM I flashed with the script approach and one SOM I flashed with the EasyInstaller. However there is crc32 as well which can be used for that purpose… means I do not have any further need for md5sum right now.

Just in case I would like to use sha1 command as well in the future: Does something prevent me from enabling that one as well?

Hi Florian

You can also enable sha1sum it works fine. U-boot will complain that the command is not whitelisted but you can easily add it to scripts/config_whitelist.txt. In general you can try to enable all settings by yourself if u-boot shouldn’t boot anymore you can do a recovery (see here). This will always work even when the bootloader crashs.