U-Boot kernel parameter does not work

EVA board

U-Boot parameters such as “console” and “badrate” have not been applied to the kernel.
The U-Boot script is strange.
Probably the effect of the boot method being Distroboot.

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Please describe the problem!
What files have you modified?
How do you check?

You can check the kernel parameters below.
cat / proc / cmdline

However, the kernel parameters do not include ttyLP1.
The console and baudrate parameters are not reflected.

Enter the following command in U-Boot.

setenv console ttyLP3 earlycon

Normally it can be changed to UART2, but it is not reflected.

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Hi @developer0916 , have you tried tdxargs?

It is possible to change it by changing tdxargs,
But should console, baudrate, etc. work?
The existence of unused settings is misleading.
This is a small issue.

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Starting with BSP 5, all the custom Kernel Parameters should be added under tdxargs. So both console with the baudrate should be set under tdxargs.

Here is the complete list: The kernel’s command-line parameters — The Linux Kernel documentation


setenv tdxargs '${tdxargs} console=<port>,<baudrate>'

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