U-boot is not reading env from u-boot-env

Hi, I have a Colibri vf50 board, running the following enviroment:
BSP 2.2 Beta, U-Boot (2014.04) Linux Kernel 3.0.15.
my partitions on the board is the following:

 device nand0 , # parts = 6    
  # name         size              offset         mask_flags    
  0: vf-bcb              0x00020000      0x00000000      1    
  1: u-boot              0x00160000      0x00020000      0    
  2: u-boot-env          0x00080000      0x00180000      0    
  3: kernel-ubi          0x00800000      0x00200000      0    
  4: rootfs-ubi          0x01000000      0x00a00000      0    
  5: userfs-ubi          0x06600000      0x01a00000      0
  Device 0: nand0, sector size 128 KiB

When I am in u-boot, I was able to set and add env variables by using env set & env save. They are stored, preserved after rebooted. I was under the impression that they are stored in the u-boot-env partition. However, when I booted into Linux, using fw_printenv, it shows different env variables from what I saw from u-boot. Using fw-setenv, I could add env variables as well. But I cannot see those added env-variables from u-boot.
Can someone tell me what’s wrong?
What I am trying to do here is to modify the u-boot env variables from Linux, so that I can modify the boot-up behavior. I am doing it for the units in the customer’s field, which I do not have access to u-boot.

when I do a saveenv command in u-boot, I saw the following:
VFxx # saveenv
Saving Environment to NAND…
Erasing NAND…
Erasing at 0xc0000 – 100% complete.
Writing to NAND… OK
Colibri VFxx # reset
resetting …

It seems it is writting to 0xc0000, by comparing to the partition table, can I assume it is stored inside the u-boot partition, instead of the u-boot-env partition? Would it be the fw_printenv in Linxu I am using use a different CRC as the one u-boot using? my fw_printenv is 2016.11

Also, do not know if it helps. Inside u-boot, printenv shows bootenv=uEnv.txt

2.2 BSP is very old and is not supported. Could you please update to the latest stable release v 2.8 - BSP Layers and Reference Images for Yocto Project Software | Toradex Developer Center

hi Alex, I know it is very old. And we are in the process of upgrading it. I am raising this question as we need to UPGRADE them for the units in our customers’ site, which we cannot upgrade in a normal way.

Can you just upgrade a U_Boot first?

actually, I found out there is a bug in the old u-boot. It does not store the env in the right place. that’s problem.

Yes you need to upgrade your BSP. New BSP includes a new U-boot as well.