U-boot failed while flashing Linux from windows

Using Colibri T30 & Eval board followed Flashing Linux from Windows - Toradex Tegra based Modules and after nvflash.exe --bct ColibriT30_533_mmc.bct --setbct --bl uboot.bin --go getting the similar screen as described (screen shot below) but reboot of module again going to Windows. Not booting to u-boot. Please assist.

Is the module kept in recovery mode ?
Which Linux Image version you are trying to flash ?

Did you check this note “Although nvflash.exe shows an error message at the end, U-Boot starts successfully on the target.” mentioned in article ?

As per the note after that step one can see U-Boot boot logs on default serial debug console (UART_A). After this one can use appropriate update commands in the U-Boot prompt to start the flashing process.

Is there any specific reason for flashing Linux from Windows development machine? It is always recommended to use Linux on development PC.

One even need Linux machine to create the root file system binary blob which is used in this procedure.

It is recommended to use Linux on development machine, since most of the articles assume development PC running Linux. Instructions for flashing Linux on Tegra modules are available here