U-Boot cannot enter to command console

We tried to use U-Boot to change SPI buffer. I can see the output through the UART_A, however I cannot enter in U-BOOT by stopping the autoboot. It cannot receive any key pressed.
After autoboot, It was able to receive characters on the login line. What to do in this case?

Thank you in advance

Colibri iMX8DX
Iris V2.0

Hello @falhi ,

  • Is this problem happenning for the first time? Or was the connection working before?

  • How do you connect to UART_A? Have you built your own cable? If so, could you share with us the schematics of that cable?

  • What software are you using to connect to the module via UART?

  • Are you able to establish an SSH connection to the module via Ethernet? If so, could you please share the output of tdx-info? Getting Device Information with Tdx-Info | Toradex Developer Center

Best regards,