Trying to use Crank Storyboard Suite with i.MX6

I’m trying to run an app using the Storyboard Suite from Crank software but I’ve run into a problem when trying to open it using Linux and the Colibri iMX6.

The video link below shows how the application is loaded after I try opening a Storyboard Suite app from Crank Software. The initial screen of the app is loaded and then the desktop immediately takes over the display and device input.

Here is the response I received from Crank Software.

So essentially the desktop and SB are fighting for the same framebuffer. You need to slay off the desktop before running SB.

Try running the following …

sudo service lightdm stop

This option doesn’t appear to be available so I’m wondering if you can offer any other suggestions. Is there some way to keep the desktop from conflicting with the app? Thanks.


We us the lxdm displaymanager. The systemd service file is called lxdm.service.
So in order to stop the displaymanger (and the Xserver) you would execute:

systemctl stop lxdm.service

And to disable it from being automatically started:

systemctl disable lxdm.service


Note that on our demo image we did not install sudo and, as you are usually logged in as root, there is also no need to use sudo.

Hi Max,

Thanks for the quick response. This helps a lot.

Scott B.

You are welcome.